GloBIAS in-person workshop Gothenburg 2024!

GloBIAS Bioimage Analysts Workshop 

 Nov 5, 2024 - Nov 8, 2024 | Gothenburg, Sweden

 Bioimage analysts' workshop: start building the GloBIAS scientific society



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Scientific organizers:

Julia Fernandez Rodriguez, Elnaz Fazeli, Sebastien Tosi, Rafael Camacho, Rocco D’Antuono, Kota Miura, Christa Walther, Sebastian Munck, Hanneke Okkenhaug

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Call for the GloBIAS workshop 2024!

Bioimage Analysts are experts in measuring biological phenomena using image data. It can be as simple as counting the number of cells in a single 2D image, but it can be as complex as combating with terabytes of multi-dimensional image data to measure 3D dynamics. The goal is to extract numbers from images.  GloBIAS, Global Bioimage Analysts’ Society, now under construction, aims to become a society for bioimage analysts worldwide. Based on the success of NEUBIAS in the networking of analysts in the European region, The GloBIAS workshop 2024 in this call is the first workshop organized by the members preparing to launch GloBIAS. The aim is to initialize the global community of bioimage analysts, get to know each other, share the experiences of each, and discuss how we can be successful in forging GloBIAS. 

Please note that, unlike previous NEUBIAS meetings, this workshop will not include training schools. Our focus is not on teaching, but on sharing experiences and methodologies in bioimage analysis education. Rather than showcasing cutting-edge analysis tools, our aim is to explore collectively the landscape of bioimage analysis tools. We aspire to delve into how bioimage analysis empowers the investigation of biological science questions. Moreover, we aim to discuss the challenges and triumphs in establishing and managing analysis infrastructures, such as HPC clusters and storage solutions. Our goal is to exchange insights on collaborating with wet-lab researchers and microscopists, while also nurturing the career development of bioimage analysts—a field still in its nascent stage. Together, we will share both the challenges and the joys encountered along this journey!

For these compelling reasons, passive attendance simply is not an option. We anticipate active participation from all workshop attendees, fostering rich interactions and robust engagement. In order to facilitate deep communication and achieve a cohesive vision for advancing GloBIAS and the broader field of bioimage analysis, we have intentionally limited the number of participants this time. We apologize in advance to NEUBIAS enthusiasts, who probably become disappointed to hear about the minimal size of the workshop, compared to the Grand Slam NEUBIAS conferences. We will share the outcome as much as possible via newsletters and websites. Moreover, we urge you not to hesitate in submitting your application, even if you may feel doubtful about the anticipated number of participants. Your involvement is immensely valued, and we enthusiastically welcome your application, regardless of any initial concerns about attendance. : we will note down your name in bold fonts and will follow you up with more information about the construction process of GloBIAS and for a large conference we expect to organize for 2025 somewhere in the world.

GloBIAS workshop 2024 - Registration form 

Deadline 1 June 2024.

The decision will be communicated by 15 June 2024.

Travel grants

Deadline: 1 June 2024. The decision will be communicated by 15 June 2024.

We are delighted to announce the introduction of GloBIAS Workshop Grants, aimed at providing financial support for Bioimage Analysts intending to participate in the GloBIAS workshop scheduled for November 5-8, 2024, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Funding conditions apply and must be adhered to: GloBIAS Workshop Grants typically cover travel expenses (e.g., economy airfare only; additional onboard services such as WiFi are not reimbursed) and accommodation costs. The financial support provided by GloBIAS Workshop Grants is intended as a contribution towards workshop expenses and may not necessarily cover all associated costs.

In general, grants will represent an average contribution to a maximum of 2000 EUR (transcontinental travel) and 700 EUR (travel within Europe), based on invoices from the applicants presented to GloBIAS.

Please, note that the GloBIAS Workshop Grants will be disbursed to successful applicants upon completion of the workshop, subsequent evaluation of the final report, and submission of all relevant invoices.

Check the selection criteria for the travel grants to join the GloBIAS Workshop 2024: Travel grant selection criteria - GloBIAS Workshop 2024